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"...compository sketches..." - S. Scott Franklin

Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen - Inspiration Information, Vol. 4 (Album Review)

The marriage of Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen is mired in eccentricities. Tenor is a Finnish musician whose sound has been defined as everything from funk to fusion, and perhaps most accurately avant-garde. His career trajectory has led him to explore a whirlwind of mediums leaving his listeners unsure of where exactly he will go next. Allen, a Nigerian born musician may have a substantially more specific approach than Tenor, but that does not affect his position as one of the greatest living artists in the world. His compositional work and drumming led to the birth of the entire Afrobeat movement, a groundbreaking genre of music birthed out of the African diaspora.

The intriguing and dynamic pedigrees of the two aforementioned artists may leave one confused as to why exactly they would come together. Although lying in a bed of disconnect, these individuals most certainly carry an elevated understanding of musical complexities. And with that, we are given the 2009 releaseInspiration Information, Vol. 4…”

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