Untitled Compositions

"...compository sketches..." - S. Scott Franklin

Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian Scott - Ninety Miles

"Like the emotions entangled within, it has been said many times that music is a universal language. It is the way in which artists can find their sound wholly understood and appreciated from New York to Stockholm. Jazz is a sound that has transcended both borders and barriers to become a mainstay in the international theater. And as such, it often engages in these whirlwind affairs with myriad other sounds. But in a world chock full of cultural fusion and synthesis, many of these musical marriages result in the birth of the most unsavory twins known as dissonance and discord. With Ninety Miles, however, this is simply not the case.

Conceived in Havana, Cuba, the Latin-tinged soundscape of Ninety Miles will be appropriately released on the heels of the recent decision to remove the Latin Jazz category from the Grammys. While I do not consider this album to be an explicit statement against the act, its undeniable relevancy speaks volumes to a timeless cultural tradition within the art. This album is laced with elements of many different geographic locations, a fact evident almost instantaneously. But above all, it is simply great music. And that, I believe is the most important aspect of this release. While we all enjoy to wax poetically on the obvious cultural implications and relevancy of this sort of project, it ultimately goes back to the music. And on this note, the trio of Stefon Harris, Christian Scott, and David Sanchez do not disappoint….”

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